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The launch of AVITA Blockchain PC with the rise of Web3

All AVITA PCs are Blockchain Applications ready! 

Be Secured. Be Productive. 

Anywhere, Anytime 




AVITA Technologies International Company Limited, today announced the launch of the world’s first AVITA Blockchain PC#, running on Windows OS platform, with the vision of transforming the company into an innovative IT & IoT Solution and FinTech Service Provider under the trend of Web3, Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency applications. AVITA Blockchain PC is designed for the seamless mobile laptop experience to provide a smooth and convenient mobile computing experience, ensuring that users can use their laptops in a secure and comfortable setting, anywhere and anytime with the benefits of blockchain technology. 

#as of 30 May 2023 


All AVITA laptop models are blockchain applications ready, together with Jasmy Secure PC Solution*. For users who demand high security and privacy, AVITA Blockchain PC is your choice of laptop. Jasmy Secure PC Solution showcases the capabilities of AVITA laptops as blockchain-ready devices. AVITA Blockchain PC is equipped to perform blockchain-related applications or tasks securely and smoothly.  

*Individual software provider supported by Jasmy Incorporated, Jasmy Secure PC solution(Japanese): Jasmy Secure PC Solution


Blockchain technology uses cryptography to secure data. It makes data immutable and unhackable as to eliminate the possibility of data loss. Data is stored across multiple nodes in a decentralized network. Blockchain technology ensures that data is secure, immutable, and easily accessible. It revolutionizes the way we store and manage data. 


The rise of Web3: Opportunities and Challenges for Cybersecurity 

Web3 represents the latest evolution of the internet, characterized by a decentralized, open-source platform that enables secure, peer-to-peer interactions without intermediaries. Based on blockchain technology, Web3 is completely decentralized, offering new opportunities for cybersecurity. By storing data and information on a distributed ledger, Web3 applications are more secure and robust against attacks compared to traditional web applications. 


Web3 offers a range of benefits compared to traditional Web2.0 platforms. Due to its decentralized architecture and use of blockchain technology, Web3 is designed to be more secure and resistant to hacking and other security threats. Web3 platforms often implement encryption by default for all communications, providing enhanced privacy and confidentiality. The elimination of intermediaries in Web3 can also reduce costs for users and businesses, making information and technology more accessible. Additionally, Web3 provides users with greater control over their data and interactions due to its peer-to-peer architecture. Overall, these technical benefits of Web3 have the potential to transform the way we use and access information on the internet, while providing a more secure and private environment for users and their data. 




The Characteristics of AVITA Blockchain PC: Secure, efficient, worry-free 

The Internet has revolutionized our life. In our everyday lives, things and people are connected via the Internet. We have shifted to a Diverse Working Style, especially after the pandemic. Remote working has become the norm. With everything connected to the Internet, Privacy Concern is the key. Whether it is personal or corporate use, protecting the privacy to avoid data leakage is essential. AVITA Blockchain PC enables you to visualize and optimize your PC's activity and performance, allowing you to stay focus on your tasks and increase productivity. AVITA Blockchain PC utilizes blockchain technology to hash and anonymize log data, which is then securely stored in a consortium-type blockchain. This ensures that your data is always protected and kept secure. It empowers you to work remotely without any privacy or security concerns, no matter where you are located - be it at home, on-the-go, at office, or anywhere in between. That is the reason why we need an AVITA Blockchain PC.  


Target Users of AVITA Blockchain PC: Remote workers, small business owners, organizations, enterprises or freelances 

AVITA Blockchain PC offers a range of features that make it an ideal choice for users who require a very high level of protection for their data or working files to prevent accidental leakage or unauthorized access, AVITA Blockchain PC leverages the characteristics of blockchain technology to ensure maximum security. This is particularly useful for users who often work remotely and need to minimize the chance of data leakage even when their laptop is not nearby or is lost. Additionally, AVITA Blockchain PC provides a cost-effective, lightweight remote management tool for IT administrators to keep track of the status of personal PC devices and maintain a smooth digital working environment. With AVITA Blockchain PC, users can stay productive and secure at all times. Moreover, this device prepares users for the future by enabling them to access the world of Web3 through upcoming blockchain applications, making it a smart decision for those looking to stay ahead of the curve.